puppy with engagement ring

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Adding four-legged friends to your wedding invitation list is the newest trend.  Of course, you want your dog to look especially gorgeous on your special day.
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A great way to create a lasting memory that will make you smile is to have your pup wearing a flower crown specifically made for your wedding.

small dog wedding outfits

A flower crown can be worn by your dog for any special event.  You can create the perfect flower crown for your dog by following the steps below.

dog in wedding ceremony

– Floral wire
– Floral tape
– Wire cutters (scissors will do in a pinch)
– Flowers and greenery (real or silk, your choice) If you’re using real flowers and greenery, make sure they’re not poisonous to dogs!

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dog friendly wedding venues

How To

      1. Unwind a length of wire and hold it around your dog’s head to measure how much wire you will need.  Cut enough wire to go around your dog’s head, adding a couple inches for overlap. Form the wire into a circle and lay it on top of your dog’s head to confirm the size.

2. Once you’ve got it fitted right, attach the overlapped ends by wrapping them together with the floral tape.

dog themed wedding invitations

3. Choose your greens and flowers.  One way to do this is by starting with a layer of greens and leaves to form the base of your crown. Use the floral tape to wrap the stem of each piece of greenery to the wire base of your crown. Wrap the tape around the stem a few times to make sure it stays.

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dog invitations

4. Finally, add your flowers! Trim each flower stem to about three inches in length.  Take your floral tape and tape the stem of each flower to the crown (same way as above). You can either place flowers around the whole crown or just focus on the front of the crown. You can make it uneven or leave some of the crown with just greenery.  And Presto!  You have a beautiful flower crown.

small dog wedding outfits

Now get out your camera and make some fun memories!