chewy dog treats

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Sounds familiar? Dogs need a lot of stimulation and exercise every day, but we can’t always be home to give it to them. I’d rather home or out and about with my dog, but you know, work.
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Fortunately, I live close to home and get to break up my day by coming back on my lunch hour to feed, walk, and play with my dog, but sometimes, I’d walk into a disaster zone.

As easy as it is to get upset at your dog for destructive behaviors, you shouldn’t because he doesn’t understand the association. You must understand, your dog’s behavior is due to a lack of mental stimulation, something your things need you to desperately address if you want them to survive the alone hours with the dog.

Dog  Chews Toys

My dog, Sam, is chewer and I did everything I could to puppy-proof my home. I bought chew toys, toys with rope, squeaky toys, and ragdoll toys to help him cope with separation and you should have seen what he did to them, especially the poor dolls.
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It seemed Sam destroyed everything but the chew toys and unfortunately, the chew toys only went so far, so long before Sam lost interested and chewed on the kitchen table legs instead, or the couch, or the molding; the list goes on.

Desperate to find a solution, aside from quitting my job and spending the next decade or so as a beach bum with my dog at my side (and yes, I considered it for a moment), I searched for a solution. I’m not alone in my dog’s obsessive compulsive need to chew everything, and that’s when I found the Kong.

I started off with a Kong Classic toy, which is a high quality, indestructible, dog safe rubber toy. But what sets this one apart is I can stuff it with goodies. Before I leave in the morning, I stuff the Kong with some kibble and play hard to get with Sam. He gets so excited when he sees me with the Kong. There’s nothing special about the kibble I put in this toy. It’s the same stuff I feed Sam regularly, but he loves the challenge of trying to shake, chew, and otherwise dislodge food.

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I keep a few Kong toys now because you can fill them with frozen treats for hours of challenging stimulation and active chewing but I wouldn’t suggest a frozen treat inside. Well, not unless you want peanut butter or whatever you chose to stuff in the Kong all over your floors and furniture.

Dog Chew

Finally, Sam has a toy that he’s interested and can chew until he’s out-chewed himself and needs a nap. I also noticed this toy is great for keeping his teeth and gums healthy. The satisfying toy rubs and polishes Sam’s teeth to help remove the bits of food that might be left over from his meals or from the toy itself. Now when I come home for our lunch hour walks and checkups, I find my home in pretty much as I left it and Sam waiting for me to walk in.

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