how to stop a dog from chewing everything

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You have been cursed with the “Tatter Dog” –a dog that shreds anything that looks fluffy Or, you have been cursed with both!

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Well, it’s pretty normal for canines to tatter, destroy, or shred things. In fact, all dogs must go through this stage. This is a development stage for puppies, and they will grow out of it later in their lives.

So, you must keep a keen eye on your dog, especially when it is in the developmental stage.

In most cases, you put your energetic puppy outside and leave him for hours so that he can play and “blow off steam”; but what you don’t realize is that it’s fun for dogs to eat rocks & sticks and shred toys when left on their own.
Dog Chew Toys
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Tip1: Do not leave your loyal companion (puppy) outside for long time unattended!

Tip 2: Never let him chew things like toys and other objects in your house unattended.

The solution….

Do not underrate the power of exercises! Don’t just take him for a stroll or leave him outdoor to excise alone. This won’t help. A dog won’t “exercise” herself/himself. No matter the number of hectares you’ll let your dog play in, your “LOYAL COMPANION” is not going to make the laps you imagine. Do not waste time thinking that he is going to work on his physique by himself! Go and exercise him!

There’re certain things that he can chew on if you’re very careful. If you have rope toys, take them away, especially if your dog has an appetite of chewing on items he shouldn’t. Even though it’s a shredder; it’s safe and prudent to take away all rope toys.
Toys for dogs
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No toy is proof from destruction by dogs, so you should always monitor your canine with toys!

Of course, there are some “indestructible toys” with which your dog can play WHILE YOU CLOSELY WATCH HIM!!! But the thing is, a good number of toys aren’t really “indestructible” –maybe they are just more robust than others, so it is still prudent to keep a close eye on your puppy or dog.

You can also let your dog chew “sterile bones” which you can purchase from a local pet store. But make sure you prioritize those with peanut butter, liverwurst, as well as squeeze cheese. But freeze them first. This will give him something to lick. So licking can replace chewing pieces off. If your dog is used to chewing so hard that you feel that the teeth might crack; it’s a good sign that it won’t chew those toys (which are softer of course).

Also, keep a catalog of your dog’s toys so that you can notice when one or so is missing.

Dog Toys

So, don’t risk letting your dog get used to swallowing toys. One day he might end up swallowing a whole tennis ball. And what next? A very expensive and delicate surgery.