How to groom a dog

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Like mine, your dog too can make you a better human being. Clichéd, but very true. Before adopting my half-starved stray animal, I had some issues.

Stuff had happened, and I was looking for ways to be happy again. My search led me to a puppy-a creature that would bring a bundle of exuberant joy to my life.

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Well, meet my puppy, Snoop.

Dog Bathing

Before Snoop was Snoop, back in the days when he was just a stray animal kept in a dirty cage, life was really sucking for him. Neglected, abused, name all those terrible situations a neglected dog goes through.

When an eye infection struck him, he would be thrown out of his master’s moving car instead of receiving the right care from a vet. Love was a vocabulary to him, and care would not cross his mind. Nobody played him or treated him well.

Despite all these atrocious experiences, his heart was still full of love. That love was real. But to make the most out of it, I had to work on his health, beauty, and training-and here is how I did it!

Eyebrows are everything

Snoop’s ginger dotted eyebrows are very charming. They were the character of his faces. So, I worked on his eyebrows as I did with mine.

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The food you give him will say a lot

When I adopted Snoop, he had a terrible skin problem. In fact, very dry as well as flaky under the coat. He could scratch constantly. The fur was very dull and terrible.

Besides a special, modern grooming regimen, a local vet advised me to change his diet. The diet featured Blue Buffalo Chicken plus Rice. The outcome was amazing. His SJD cleared right up, and the skin calmed down!

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Always wash his face

Snoop’s morning routine was always like this: Wake up. Pee outside. I would wash his face. Then have breakfast together. Magical, right?

That is what you should do to your dog. It will work wonders. The face will be friendlier and look more charming. Try with your dog today!

Be a total jerk with his nails and add some bling

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When you go to your spa, take him there. His nails should, too, look better-unless you don’t want to take him anywhere. Also, don’t forget to accessorize his looks with nice bling!