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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend and dogs are man’s best friend it only makes sense that diamond dogs are everyone’s best friend.

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Though I can think of a million and one ways to spend the serious amount of cash it takes to bejewel your pooch, some people may be interested in creating a bling look for their posh pup by adding precious stones to their dog’s ensemble.

dog collar jewelry

If so, a diamond-encrusted collar just may be the thing to spend your extra disposable cash on. The La Jeune Tulipe is one of the world’s most expensive dog collar coming in at a whopping $150,000.

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The center marquis-cut diamond is 1.52 karats and is brilliantly set among an intricate arrangement of various smaller cuts. The pup whose neck this collar will grace is sure to turn some heads but believe it or not, this collar doesn’t top the most expensive list; that honor belongs to the Amour, Amour collar.

swarovski dog collar

The Amour, Amour is the finest diamond collar to ever be worn and the most expensive at a staggering $3,200,000! The ultra-luxury totals 52 karats with a 7-carat centerpiece diamond and 1,600 diamonds total set in platinum and 19-karat white gold with fine crocodile leather.

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The Amour, Amour is evening wear for those incredibly special occasions and will lay to rest any material girl insecurities you’re A-list pooch may have.

personalized dog collars

The vast majority of us will never have the opportunity to outfit our dogs in jewelry so expensive it could feed an entire island of wild dogs for several years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the look either.

Knock-off royal collars can give your pup the look she’s dying to have at a fraction of the cost. From rhinestones to dangling pearls, bejeweled collars are a must have for your fashion-forward friend.