two color nail polish trend

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Ever notice that the grocery store and department stores get you ready months in advance for the coming holiday? 


After US Independence Day of July 4th, aside from Labor Day in September, which is celebrated by most people with a day off from work or school, we have a long-haul until the end of the year holiday season starts. Stores are eager to get to the third and fourth quarters by prepping us early. This is the only reason I can see why, with several weeks still ahead of us, Halloween decorations hitting the grocery store.


As I lamented down holiday and candy aisle and hooked a sharp left on my way to the produce section, I was stopped by the bold look of Dia de los Muertos decorations that were scattered in the floral department. The Mexican artwork of Dia de los Muertos also called Day of the Dead is stunning, and even though I thought the decorations were a little pre-dated as the holiday doesn’t start until October 31st, I also thought it would be fun to dress my nails up for the occasion.

You can get this look with nail art decals or paint them on yourself. I’ve opted to paint my nails. The art is simple, yet stunning and you start with a black base coat. Let your based coat dry and paint a white skull. The white skull is filled in and covers most of your nail. Next, use a vibrant color, like red to paint a four or five petal flower for the two eyes with and add the yellow center. A simple black line for a mouth with short black lines breaking across it works perfectly for your mouth, and two little lines in the center work great for your nose. Experiment with neon colors and small dot shapes in Dia de los Muertos art style to paint flowers and crucifixes if you like.