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Did you know that felines can develop diabetes, just like people can? Their little bodies stop being able to produce insulin that balances their blood sugar or glucose levels. 


Whether your cat is predisposed to diabetes or its development is entirely dependent upon your cat’s increasing weight problem is the subject of feline research and debate.

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Diabetes in cats is usually seen in older cats with obesity problems, that is why is so important to keep your cat at a healthy weight throughout his life. At the onset of diabetes, your cat will have an insatiable hunger and thirst and may urinate far more than ever before. This is because your cat is not getting the necessary blood sugar balance and his body is compensating by sending hunger and thirst signals. If left untreated, your cat will start to lose weight next rapidly and may appear at a healthy weight once more.

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Treating feline diabetes involves a combination of diet, daily exercise, and possibly insulin injections. It takes time to find the right dosage, and your vet will work with you to test your cat’s blood sugar levels and make the necessary changes to the insulin levels for you. Once a stable treatment plan is developed, your cat can live with diabetes but will never be cured of it.

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Vets recommend that you keep your cat at a healthy weight to help prevent this disease, but that is never a guarantee. The disease can shorten your cat’s lifespan and be heartbreaking for you and your family. It’s always best to bring your cat in for annual vet visits to access the health of your beloved cat and make all the necessary adjustments in his life to prevent or extend the onset of diabetes or another disease.



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