makeup tips for photos

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Between selfies and Instagrams, you might have come across this common theme: Whatever the camera picks up doesn’t always reflect what is going on IRL.
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Perhaps this statement is true in several ways, but here, we are specifically referring to makeup, which can sometimes fail to play alongside the lens.

In simple terms, we aren’t advocating that you adopt a whole new makeup strategy just for photos. Here is what we’re after: the art of upgrading certain elements of your routine in order for them to read accurately on-camera.

eye makeup photos

Make it sheerer

If there’s one thing you should be keen about when preparing for photo shoots, it should be the smoothness of your makeup. Keep your foundation minimal so that it can wear seamlessly on the face. Blend over the nose, adjacent to the nostrils, the chin, and any other areas around the cheeks that might be ruddy. Ensure that there are no visible marks of demarcation.
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photoshoot makeup tips

Matte can be great

Semi matte skin will work like magic during photography. It won’t be too shiny, but it will never look flat and exaggerated either. This trick applies to all your makeup, remember. I find combining textures an incredible way to create attractive eyes. What about layering a matte shade underneath a metallic one for a dual-chrome effect in photography?

photoshoot makeup tips

Brighten and bronze

If you are utilizing flash photography, you may need brighter colors. This is because the flash bursts can wash out more subtle blush hues. On the other hand, the bronzer will help restore the warmth of your face- to offset the potential purging effect associated with flash photography.
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Create an ombre effect

Define your eyebrows without looking ordinary by creating an ombre effect. Go one shade darker towards the end of the brow, whilst keeping the first part lighter.