how do you know if a dog likes you

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I have lived with my dog for years now. And consider him to be a full-on member of my beloved family. I truly love him. But does he love me back?


Just because your little canine can’t spell this three lettered words doesn’t mean that he does not appreciate you.

Human-Animal Bond Explained

Dogs love humans. As a vet with 30+ years of experience, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the power of human-animal bond. Moreover, scientists have started exploring the emotions dogs feel as well as how they display these emotions. If their research is anything to go by, I am more than convinced that dogs love their masters. And here is why your dog loves you.

He Makes a Relaxed Eye Contact

Unlike human who use an eye to indicate attention or concentration, dogs will stare at their masters as a show of love. You can go home and try it. Gaze at your puppy, and if he gazes back with more relaxed eyes, it means that he loves you and comfortable around you.

His Reaction to Your Voice

Any happy dog will react positively upon hearing your voice. After that long and hectic day, he will run into you upon hearing your voice. Is that fulfilling? It’s even better if he was in the middle of chewing his newly acquired toy or investigating an enthralling scent, and suddenly stops whatever he was doing just to give you a DOGGY welcome.

Your Scent, his Choice

To him, your scent is an activator of the reward center of his brain — and even science can prove it.

Tail Wagging

how do you know a dog likes you
Tail wagging may look simple, but has a lot of meaning attached to it. For instance, when he gives a full-body tail wag featuring mid-height held tail, the message pretty clear: He is so happy and very excited to see his master again. And when he wags his tail to the right side more often, he probably loves you so much.

Your Pup Snuggles With You

Though there might be no any scientific reason behind it, snuggling can indicate great DOGGY love. Think about it: Your dog can decide to curl up anyplace, but he often prefers to cuddle with you. He might also show love when he decides to learn on you, sleeping with his head on your feet.