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When you see these adorable four-legged puppies, you will want to hold one.  They are the cutest pets especially if you favor small dogs.  Below are 5 of the most lovable mixed breeds.

5.  MalShi – The Mal-Shi is the perfect pet for people who have allergies. These pups are very Intelligent, and they make great therapy dogs. And for those families wanting to become a pet owner, these puppies are also great around kids.
Dog Breeds
4. Puggle – This mixed breed is part pug and part beagle. They love to socialize with other dogs as well as people. They are very friendly.  If you don’t mind snores and snorts this breed makes, this is the puppy for you.

3. Pomsky – These puppies grow up to look like tiny huskies. You will fall in love with these tiny creatures who are very intelligent, fluffy and energetic. Additionally, they sometimes have two different eye colors.
Dog Breeds

2. Cockapoo – If dog hair is keeping from becoming a dog owner, this is the dog for you. They hardly shed and don’t require any special grooming. Not to mention, they are very cute and curly.
1. Yorkipoo – These little guys can weigh as little as 3 pounds. They are fearless, energetic and intelligent. Very adorable.