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There’s no mistaken the character of an English Bulldog. From the time they are puppies to their twilight years, these dogs are amusing, loyal, and 100% lovable.

But what is it about these gentle creatures that make them just so darned cute?


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Here some of the top reasons why Bulldogs are ahead on the cuteness list.

  • What an Underbite You Have.  The Bulldog is well known for its fabulously exaggerated underbite. Even when giving their best mean mug, they are just too irresistible. You might even say any attempt at a complacent look from these lovable companions is just impossible to pull off.
  • Shy Dogs, Take Notice. The Bulldog has one outgoing personality, and he was made for human companionship. Today, the Bulldog has a great, laid back and easygoing personality but did you know his English ancestors were once bred for pit fighting and blood sports? Sad to say that this breed, or any dog, was once used so cruelly. The Bulldogs stubbornness and tenacity, which come out as extroverted playtime, have followed this breed from its ancestral pit fighting days. However tenacious these pooches can get, they also love their people and need that close companionship. The loyalty and love of a Bulldog are also traits passed down from its pit fighting ancestors.

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  • Wrinkles!  Few dogs today can pull off the wrinkled look as well as a Bulldog. From puppy to adult dog, they have the cutest wrinkles and often offset by the sleekness of their short, tight-fitting coats. Their facial wrinkles soften up the broad block head and make the Bulldog a pile of cuteness. Add in low hanging jowls and that classic Bulldog underbite, and you have a recipe to melt anyone’s heart.


  • Keep Snoring and Sleep On. Bulldogs love to sleep; even more than other dogs. Low to medium intensity playtime for a few minutes is enough to exhaust these lethargic beasts, and they will give the cat a run her money when it comes to snoozing. But with sweet repose comes the rumble of heavy snores, adding a bit juxtaposition to the Bulldogs peaceful state of deep slumber. You may wonder, how can anyone or anything sleep with all that noise?
  • Always in the Limelight. While dogs like the Greyhound and Great Dane may be official mascots here and there the Division 1 top dog is the Bulldog for schools like Butler, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Mississippi State, University of Georgia, and the list goes on. Also, a favorite breed pick among celebrities, such as Adam Sandler, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Jessica Biel, Verne Troyer, and even Ozzy.

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We could just keep going and turn this into 101 reasons why we love the Bulldog, but you get the idea. These lovable, lazy, loyal, and sometimes so ugly they’re cute dogs have captured our hearts.