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Many people enjoy dressing their pets up in costumes and clothes for specific events, like Halloween or fundraising events.


Some cats dress for photo shoots and others in a saddle jacket for scary thunderstorms. Whatever the reason, it is important to always be safe with your cat’s fashion sense.

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The first thing to consider is the emotional harm you might cause your cat. Never force her into an outfit if she’s adamant about staying in her birthday fur. Undue stress is very harmful to your cat who may avoid you in the future because of this encounter.

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The second thing to consider is the fringe and other ornamental pieces on the garment. Cats, just like dogs, like to chew and play with things. If they can get ahold of any dangling pieces and chew them off, they run the risk of choking or becoming ill.

Third, make sure the outfit is securely on your cat and that she can’t wiggle her way out of it or partially out of it. Loose fitting garments and pet other pet wearables can be dangerous.

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A fourth safety tip for dressing your cat in feline finery is to always supervisor her and keep her close by you. Though you should always supervise your dog as well, cats are natural climbers and jumpers. They spend just as much time on top of things as they do on the ground. If your cat is wearing garments and climbs up a tree or in your closet, she can get caught off balance by a snag and potentially hurt herself. There are several reasons why you should avoid this practice, but if you absolutely must dress your cat, be sure to supervise her at all times to keep her safe.