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toys for cats to chew on

Everything Goes

As just about everyone knows, cats are some of the most playful of furry little beasts. They have short bursts of energy they give...
chewy cat tree

Toys Are Like Socks

I use a lot of time playing with my cats and about once a month, I bring home a new cat toy for my...
outdoor cat playground

Interactive Tunneling

It does not matter how young or old your cat is. If she’s playful, which most cats are, she loves playing. Every cat that...
simple cat tower

Give Your Cat More Space

A curious cat loves to explore. A bored cat claws at the furniture. Giving your cat more options to explore space will stimulate his...
diy food puzzles for cats

DIY Cat Toys

Good cat toys are hard to come by when you have cats who love to tear apart and destroy toys. Rumble("play", {"video": "v1y32n", "div": "rumble_v1y32n","autoplay":2});     I...
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DIY Cat Puzzle Toy

Puzzle toys are great for cats because they are interactive. An interactive toy stimulates your cat’s mind and excites the hunter in her.  Most interactive toys...
kitten feeder

Only Six Toys And You Can Change Your Cat’s Daily Life

Cats usually seem to have a unique personality that’s far much extraordinary than any other domestic pets. They’re funny, kooky, friendly, calming, and lazy…yes,...