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do cats keep mice away

Unadoptable Mousers Getting a Second Chance at Life

Cats have lived side-by-side with people for thousands of years in relative independence. It’s only within the last two hundred years or so that cats...
why are dogs afraid of cats

A Cat Named Dog

Instincts play a considerable role in how animals develop and behave, but environments should never be overlooked either. For one feral cat, his life has...
emotional support animal housing

The Hero of Buena Vista

Cats have some pretty big personalities and are capable of some extraordinary things when it comes to loving their human companions.      They may not have...
squad cats

Xeli the Cat Joins the Therapy Team at Denver International Airport – Travel Therapy

Travelling is a stressful activity for many of us. A travel day is practically a wasted day in many people’s books and takes us away...
north shore

New York City Kitties

New York City is home to some very famous hotels including The Waldorf Astoria and the Plaza. Among the City’s gems is also the...
hcm in cats

Living and Loving in the Moment

We get caught up every day in our lives and fill them with worry about the past and worry about the future. We feel...