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cat flap in double glazing

Learn to Use the Kitty Door

The Internet, which exists primarily to share the wild, cute, and lovable anecdotes of the modern day feline, is full of cat-related this, cat-related...
pet travel insurance

International Play Cats

For many Americans, the thought of traveling abroad is romantic. We dream of visiting ancient places like Athens and Rome, of seeing the northern...
cat birthday cake ideas

The Purrfect Party

Throwing a cat-themed party for your rescue group or just because cats are so awesome? This sounds like the purrfect party, and it could use...
cat wall playground

Modern Cat Furniture

When people think about cat condos, cat beds, and cat scratching posts they often think of the heavily carpeted, ugly and sometimes cheap-looking furniture...
all modern cat tree

Mini Furniture for Cats is What the World Wants

Almost everyone who uses the Internet today knows one essential thing about it; cats own the Internet. Sure, people can break the Internet from time-to-time,...
best chew toys for cats

Free! Here Are Quick Ways To Make Your Cat Happy While Indoors

Myth: going outside for cats is a basic requirement for their happiness. The truth: regularly playing with your cat and providing her with plenty...