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I can not tell you how many times I’ve received sly smirks from strangers as I pass them in cat graphic tees. Either they know what I’m about and can appreciate it or they feel the same way and know they’ve just passed a kindred spirit.

I enjoy showing off my cattitude with graphic tee-shirts because, in a few short words, these shirts sum up my feelings.

Take my favorite workout shirt for example. It’s a teal colored tank that proudly gives the excuse, “sorry I can’t my cat said no.” If this is not the best-introverted excuse for anything, I don’t know what is. On my volunteer days, I wear my “I am here to pet all the cats” shirt, which gains equal enjoyment from other volunteers and the public. No other way can I better express who I am and the fondness I feel towards our feline friends.

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Of course, people might label me a crazy cat lady, which is fair. You certainly don’t have to be as nuts about cats as I am to enjoy a graphic tee-shirt in their honor though. From tee-shirts displaying your love of cats, book, coffee, and wine sometimes even all wrapped up into one shirt, you can express your cattitude.

You can find several shops online that produce cat themed graphic tee and other cat apparel. One of my favorite shops is the Look Human shop, which has much more than just cat fashion. However, I find the Look Human has the widest selection of graphic tees and other products that best express my cattitude. The iHeartCat shop also has some graphic tees and other cat related fashion items and a percentage of every sale on the iHeartCat shop goes help cats live a better, healthy life.