how to train cat to use litter

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Despite what people say about training a cat do what we want her to do, that it is not possible, you can teach your cat anything. 

Cats are very intelligent little beasts, but as we all know, they are also fearsomely independent.

Training your cat to do something you want them to do is difficult when you don’t know how to achieve your end goal. 

Many cat owners love the idea of training their cat to use the human toilet but haven’t a clue as to how to accomplish this seemingly impossible task. The truth with cat training, whether it’s teaching them to fetch like a dog or training them to use the toilet, it’s all about patience and slow training through step association.

Given teaching your cat how to fetch and training it to use your toilet, potty training your cat is probably the easiest. Here’s how you can eliminate the litter boxes in your life in a few easy steps.

  1. Move the litter box close to the toilet to introduce the bathroom environment and adjust your cat to the newness of this process.
  2. Gradually move the litter box up using something solid, like telephone books, actual books, or something solid and steady. This will give your cat time to get used to jumping up to go to the bathroom.
  3. Once the litter box is at the same level as the toilet, move the box on to the toilet seat. You want to make sure it sits on the toilet securely because a spill or fall might set your cat back.
  4. Introduce toilet training rings, which you can buy online and in most pet stores. You may have to put these in the box for a time to get your cat adjusted to them. Clean the training box after every use as well.
  5. Once your cat is comfortable with the training box, place the box in the toilet. These training boxes are made for standard toilet seats. Your cat should already be jumping up to use the box. In a few days, remove one of the rings to expose the open water below. Flush the toilet anytime your cat uses the toilet. Your cat will have to learn to balance on the rings and in a few days more, remove another ring.
  6. Once your cat is comfortable balancing on her own, remove the ring and your cat will be completely toilet trained.

Take your time with these steps and you will see results. Within a short while, there will be no more stinky litter to clean up and your cat will be much cleaner and healthier to be around, which has benefits for you and your family too.