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There is nothing that will melt a woman’s heart faster than a man who loves his dog as much as Brett Eldredge treasures his Edgar.

Brett, a rising country music star adopted his dog, Edgar, back in July 2016 and based on his Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook photos, is completely and utter inseparable from the Weimaraner and Vizsla mixed pooch.

dog lover

Fans of Brett have been fortunate enough to watch his pup grow up through the many photos and videos Brett has taken of Edgar. It also seems Brett has given in and accepted the dog dad role. 

Back in May this year, Brett, Edgar, and friends and family celebrated Edgar’s first birthday with a party, complete with doggie treats and, of course, the Birthday Song. As much as we love Brett for being a good dog dad, it’s the candid moments that really tug at our heartstrings.

Moments like the time Brett shared some ice cream with Edgar on National Ice Cream Day after rocking the house on tour. Or times when Brett and Edgar are found fast asleep and snuggled close. It doesn’t take much to see just how special Edgar is to Brett.

Edgar accompanies Brett on the tour bus and has adapted really well to life on the road. After a long night performing in front of thousands of fans, it’s good to think Brett gets a little downtime with his faithful companion.

Currently, Brett Eldredge is opening for Luke Bryan’s Huntin’, FIshin’, & Lovin’ Every Day Tour, this summer and will continue to keep us posted on Edgar via Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.