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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, that’s just urban myth. Dogs and people are capable of learning anything, so long as they are willing to try something new. 

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That’s the case for Ed Mosley, an 86-year-old grandfather in Acworth, Georgia who believes you’re never too old to learn something new.

Mosley heard, through his assisted living community, that people were getting involved with a knitting challenge to knit hats for premature babies as World Prematurity Day was fast approaching on November 17th. Prematurity is still the principal cause of child deaths under the age of five, and the March of Dimes works hard to raises awareness, worldwide, on the health issues affecting the brain, heart, lungs, hearing, and vision of these unfortunate little souls.

Inspired, Mosley wanted to do his part, but the problem was that he had no idea how to knit. However, Mosley is an advocate of learning at any age and was determined to teach himself how to knit. After trial and error, Mosley self-taught and made over 55 caps for the challenge.

starting life over at 40

Ed Mosley’s commitment and was also the source of inspiration for many others who took up the knitting pins to help premature babies. Soon others were helping with the cause, and the challenge ended with over 300 knitted caps for donation to a local hospital. Mosely believes that his caps not only help premature babies stay warm, but they help parents see a unique, beautiful baby, not a tiny suffer.
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Mosley is an inspiration to anyone who wants to learn something new, and especially for those of us who want to help. He proves that heart and love know no age limit and leave us particularly touched by the legacy of the very old giving to the very young.