basic dog care

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After the summer holidays, as you are hustling to resume your normal life, you may feel a little bit guilty that you aren’t spending enough quality time with your dog. And that “sympathetic look” he is giving you isn’t making things any better, is it?
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But you know what? Being guilty won’t do you or your dog any good, so rather than stressing yourself up about not spending time at the park, add some of the following fun activities into your daily routine, you could experience a much better relationship with your lovely pet- and it will make you smile too.
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The way to your puppy’s heart is through delicious foods. So give him plenty of crunchies! Always keep him full, and he’ll reciprocate with countless doggy kisses. Now often whilst you’re eating your dog might gently inform you that eating is a collective activity and they would like to join you. Do not mistake this response for begging. Dropping some morsels onto the floor will rapidly rectify the oversight.


Exercise is very important. If our dogs didn’t insist on daily evening walks, most people would really get out of shape. Have you noticed the enthusiastic energy portrayed by dogs while on the move? You should follow suit. These walks keep your dog’s muscles toned while helping them explore their surroundings and widen their acquaintance with the immediate neighborhood.
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A senior dog needs to get a lot of beauty sleep. You’ll know when your pet has had enough sleep when he starts to run and bark without waking himself up. This is also accompanied by an obtruding tongue.

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Providing all these things for your dog will make them do lots of positive reinforcement: jumping on you, greeting you, following you wherever you go, and giving you more and more puppy kisses.