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Decades upon decades of years and women and minorities are still suffering from lack of equality and are underrepresented in the arts and positive media story.

One British-Ghanaian artist is doing his part to promote the visibility and representation of woman and people of color in the biggest way possible.

Neequaye Dreph Dsane, known as just Dreph, is a large-scale portrait artist who also works in oils and letter form.  Dreph is based in London and has three decades of experience as a street-based artist in all over the world.  However, his recent project, You Are Enough is of profound social importance.


The You Are Enough project seeks to represent an alternative black narrative in the United Kingdom and consequently, the world.  Dreph paints large-scale murals of black women of you do amazing things for the communities and the world as a whole.  Each mural features a beautiful woman painted in large-scale in Dreph’s distinctive style using vibrant colors and attention to deal.  Each mural in the project is accompanied by a backstory for the women and how their work affects positivity in this world.

The women of Dreph’s murals are inspirations or ordinary women doing extraordinary things.  These women are doctors, sexual abuse counselors, educators, charity worker, and they are leaving their imprint on people’s lives every day.  What makes this project so eye-catching is the sheer size and color of the murals.  Ten subjects total exist in London and are stunning residents and visitors alike amid the gray, formal coldness of the city.  These murals are a must-see, but if you can’t make it to London, you can follow Dreph on Instagram at @Dreph_.