being true

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Being true to yourself is always easier said than done, as people who hear the phrase often reflect.  However, with a little wisdom in your back pocket, you can learn how to be just that; true to yourself.  


Here are some tips for laying the foundation of strength that allows you to the version of you-you’re meant to be.

live true

  • Take responsibility.  Things within and outside of our control happen, and you are responsible for how you act.  The past is behind you, and your present action is what matters most.  You own this moment so do what you want with it.
  • Don’t judge.  Other makes mistakes too, and however they chose to handle the past, present, and future, we cannot judge.  They are guided by their own sense of responsibility, wherever it is rooted.  Forgive their folly and allow yourself to feel compassion for others.
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes.  Adopt the mindset that there is no such thing as failure.  Failure is an illusion created to keep us complacent.  We all make blunders, but those of us who choose to learn from their mistakes can never fail.  You gain the much-needed experience and feedback to reroute your energy elsewhere.
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  • Cherish your Tribe.  Your Tribe is the special group of people in your life that see your true self.  They are friends and family members who love you unconditionally.  Be open and honest with these people always, and they will always support you during the harder times.
  • Cherish yourself.  Love and be kind to yourself.  All the pain of mistakes can catch up to us and twist our self-love if we let it.  We blame ourselves and are our own worst critics long after others have forgiven our mistakes.  Living in the past is dangerous to loving yourself, and you must focus on being in the moment.
  • Be in the moment.  The past can’t be changed; the future is yet to come.  Only the present moment is alive with potential.  You affect each moment of the present and need to focus on giving 100% to it.  Living in the moment is probably one of the more challenging things to do completely, but mindfulness of your environment is the best way to begin.  Give your awareness everything you’ve got.  If you have a family pet, cat or dog, spend time with them.  Our four-legged friends can teach you how to be mindful of the moment.
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  • Don’t forget to smile and laugh.  Smiling and laughing create happiness inside you and around you.  It connects you with your inner light and allows you to feel who you are.  Once you can feel your true self, you can be your true self.