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If you’re a single parent longing to have a husband/wife, appreciate the added time you have to take care of your beautiful children right now. You may not comprehend why that special person hasn’t shown up yet…. Who knows, perhaps it’s at this point of your life that your children need your undivided attention for whichever reason.

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Accept Your Situation and Let Go of the “Must-Haves.”

But instead of being aggressive with your circumstances, accept them. Love your children and fight to make their lives better. The stress that today’s children go through is unbelievable. They aren’t always going to stay around you. At one point they’ll have their own families to take care of.

Look around. What do you see? That special person might be close to you, and you don’t just see it. Why? Perhaps you could have created an endless list of must-haves after your divorce, which is now preventing you from enjoying your life.

how to appreciate life and be happy


Don’t Fight a Losing Battle

Take a careful look at yourself. Can you make somebody else’s list of must-haves? Will the things you’re dying to have matter to you anymore if someone comes into your life, who can turn your gloomy face to a smile? Maybe it’s because of your fear that you’re pushing people away.

Don’t fight for meaningless things. Just fight for your happiness. There’s nothing better than living a healthy and happy life. Being a single mother/father isn’t all that’s cracked up to be. We’re always quick to look outside for pleasure and forget the blessings right below our nose.

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Appreciate the Wonderful People in Your Life

Learn to appreciate all the people in your life. Remember, God purposely brings different people in your life to assist you to accomplish your desires and help you grow as well.

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Yup, even those who drive you mad. They teach you perseverance, patience, and unconditional love. We can’t do it alone. Alone you’ll stand still.