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There are plenty of cat-related subscription boxes. In them you get treats, toy, and other cat-themed goodies, but not a lot of fashion pieces. 

However, the CatLady subscription box is a different kind of subscription. You will still get items for your cat, but the CatLady box ( is meant to reward you monthly with a surprise.

Cat ladies love their cat or cats and find an infinite amount of pleasure from a purring cat on their lap or a tapping paw to wake them up in the morning. Cat ladies, be them the crazy kind or the regular kind, love expressing their love for their feline companions too. The CatyLady box is a perfect way to show that love, and they will be pleasantly surprised with the monthly items delivered. Home décor and fashion articles are common in the box and subscribers can expect shirts, bags, umbrellas, and cat-themed jewelry.

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All CatLady items are curated especially for the boxes, but if a cat lady has missed a great item, she can still purchase the item from the CatLady Web site. The mission statement of the CatLady subscription box is the break the stereotype of “crazy cat lady” and provide cat lovers with great surprise products they can proudly display. Unfortunately, cats have a bad rap as independent, willful, loveless creature. Cat ladies know this is not the actual nature of cats.

The fashionable shirts, scarves, bags, coffee mugs, magnets, and other goodies in each box help to promote the cat as an excellent domestic companion, not an independent creature. Cat ladies can express spread the truth about cats through unique and enviable items only found in the CatLady subscription box.