diy food puzzles for cats

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Good cat toys are hard to come by when you have cats who love to tear apart and destroy toys.


I usually have to prepare cat toys by tearing off the warning tags and removing little beaded eyes or felt ears from the toy mice. My cats will quickly remove these parts if I don’t and I only want them to eat cat food and treats.

Sometimes, I get a little discourages with how quickly the new toys get torn up and I think the dog my might have something to do with too, but I can’t be sure. The cats are also a little indifferent to some new toys. They don’t have the familiar scent, or maybe they have an unpleasant smell. Either way, my cats will scoff at more than half the toys I bring home.

handmade fleece pet toys

One afternoon, while folding my some of my clothes I was tossing missing socks into my lost sock pile. I sometimes wash the sad, unpaired missing socks in the hopes the dryer gods will reproduce the lost mate. 

So far, I think I’ve only lost more socks into the void. The sock pile was off to the side and notice one of my cats playing in it. I’m not one to encourage sock chewing, but a cat toy project instantly sprung into my head.

toilet paper roll cat toy

I keep catnip for the girls, but I don’t like giving it to them directly because it goes everywhere. Instead of feeding them catnip directly, I decided to take a long sock and make a little pouch. To give the sock an added element of fun, I crumbled up some non-waxed parchment paper and stuck it in the bottom of the sock and added the catnip. I tied off the sock in a tight knot and crinkled the sock up for the girls before tossing it into the living room.

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The sound of the sock got their attention, but the catnip scent made them bonkers. The dog doesn’t seem interested in the socks and thinks the cats are nuts. At least I think to think that’s how he feels. Both of my cats love their socks, and so far, I haven’t lost one sock.