short hairstyles to make you look younger

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When it comes to my hairstyle, I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m not doing myself any favors. My long locks that have hints of gray throughout are often tied down tie in a top knot of a bun. 
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Pair that with my large round, yet stylish, tortoiseshell glasses and I went from sexy librarian only ten years ago to old schoolmarm today. With another birthday around the corner, it’s time to explore some youth-giving styles.

Many looks are classic and can be worn at any age but if you’re looking to add some youth to your overall looks, here are some great styles.

First, consider a short style. It’s true, short hair is the quintessential sign of aging in women, but it all depends on the cut. If you’re going from long locks, try trimming it up to a shoulder length bob that you can wear messy. This will still give you the length for that occasional up-do, but you won’t fall back on the top knot.

anti aging hairstyles

Feel like going even shorter? The pixie cut or a wash-and-go style is the ultimate fountain of youth when it comes to hairstyles. The pixie cut is funky, fun, and best of all; you can get creative with hair color. If you don’t like the color, you don’t have to despair long. Your hair will grow out fast. The downside to the pixie cut is you’ll get more haircuts and trims depending on how quickly it grows.

If cutting your long hair is not an option for you, you can add bangs or layered bangs to inspire a youthful look. Bangs are not an option for me at all. My hair is too thick, and my center part will not tolerate bangs.
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If your hair is similar, you might try accentuating your center part with long pin-straight hair. This look will elongate your face and may not be best suited for everyone. However, big, beach curls are an excellent alternative.

face frame haircut

I can’t stand to hair my hair loose and flying about me while I work, hence the schoolmarm’s bun. As an alternative to the top knot, a loose side braid or fishtail adds a youthful, messy look that I love. While it’s never nice to ask a lady her age, her hair might give away some hints. Keep everyone guessing with some fresh, youthful styles.