Stinky Dog Face Remedy What To Do If Your Dog's Face Stinks

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You love your dog, but wow, his face smells. Baths, though not recommended on a regular basis, don’t seem to help and every time he gets near you, you pull away. Sound familiar? 

Most dogs, unlike cats, do not groom their faces. Cats use their paws to help remove dirt and debris to keep them looking and smell their best.

The reasons for a stinky face are all the same; your dog needs a facial. OK, not really but you should clean his face regularly. Dogs with long hair are particularly prone to a foul smell. That’s because their hair traps dirt, debris, and moisture. 

Tears ducts run and may carry bacterial infections that stain the corners of the eyes and over hidden areas of the face. The same is true for your dog’s ears.

Cleaning Your Dog's Face and Eyes

Floppy, large, and heavily feather ears trap all kinds of stuff that can cause infections. Infection is the leading cause of a foul smell that comes from your dog’s face. 

Also, consider his drool. Drool never smells good, and if it gets caught in hair or skin folds, it can dry and get smelly.

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 Your dog’s mouth is also a place to check for a bad smell. Bad dog breath might be a sign of too much tartar build-up or disease in the mouth. Thankfully, you can prevent smells and handle most sticky faces in your home with some simple tips.

dogs face smells

Grooming your dog is an excellent way to spend time and bond with him. While you’re brushing his coat, check his ears for any signs of dirt or debris. There are plenty of veterinarian-approved cleaning solutions you can use to clean those stinky ears, and with time and practice, the both of you will get the hang of it. 

When it comes to a stinky face, try a warm, clean washcloth with no soap or a pet wipe to clean the eyes and fold of the face. You can also use the wipes for the inside flaps of the ears but not the ear canal. Brushing your dog’s teeth is a little trickier, but it will prevent serious health problems later on in life. So instead of trying away from that stinky face, give your dog a much-needed facial.