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No one likes to think about losing their beloved cat(or any pet). For me, the heartache of losing my sweet childhood and college years cat, Cher, was so emotional for me that I refused to adopt a new cat for thirteen years. 

It’s not that I didn’t want to love another cat or that I didn’t have time for one.
Pet Prayer

I was just too fearful of the attachment and eventual loss I would feel should I outlive a new cat, which is highly likely.

cemetery markers for pets

However, after many years of wanting a cat, I decided to adopt not one, but two sweet girls and I are happy for that. Today, we have many options available to us to mark special moments in our lives. One only need view social feeds like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to see the special moments in a pet parent’s life. These captured moments will do very well when that sad time comes because it will help us remember our pets with the fondest and clearest of memories, but you can do much more to honor and remember your pet.

I like to keep a journal of all the silly things my cats do and the moments we share. I turn them into short stories with my imagination. Journaling is soothing and better captures my mood than a picture can, but I can easily add photos to my journal to add a picture to my words. There will come a day, sadly, when my cats will pass away, and I will have my journal of their lives to remind me of how special they were to me.

personalized pet markers
When your pet passes, you can write down some of the best moments of your time together too so you can always remember them with love and affection. 

However, you can also do other memorial things for your cat. One of my favorite ideas is to plant a tree in their honor. As that tree grows, you will remember your cat with the fondest of memories – a living legacy to your beloved cat.

You only need your imagination to contrive other memorials for your cat but chose something that is meaningful to you, and that will always make you think fondly of your loving cat.