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Have you ever thrown a nice dog party? Or have you ever wished you had not thrown it in the first place?

Just as our parties can go terribly wrong without the right blend of guests, foods, plus activities, so can bashes thrown for our four-legged pals.

Talk of wrong favors, half-clenched party cakes, urine stains — they can all mess the party up.

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Well, we want to save you from this shame of “a dog party gone bad.” So, we will sample a few tips that will make whatever you’re celebrating — for instance, a Puppy Shower— a success packed with fun activities for your dog and your guests alike.

It starts with inviting the right crowd

In a dog’s party, everyone yearns to see his/her guests growling, circling, as well as snapping at one each other.

However, the chances of hosting a friendly party are likely to be higher if your dog already knows— and is able to get along with — other dogs plus guests during the party. So ensure to invite people who have buddied up with your dog before.

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Serve the guests out of different bowls

If you want to ruin the party, then setting your liver cake on the floor and letting your dogs have it can work. But I am sure you don’t want to pursue this route, right?

Well, ensure to purchase some strong paper plates — go for the dinner instead of dessert size and bowls, to minimize the chances of the cake spilling out over the edge. Also, ensure that you feed all your dogs simultaneously. Plus, give each of your Fido enough space, to minimize the chances of them feeling crowded when eating.

Give them (your guests) something to do

Without a central activity, everyone in the party will grow restless and bored. So, arrange something like “a best-dressed clothing parade”. Giving your guests an opportunity to show off their dogs will make the party fun for them and the pets.

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End early

Want to kill the fun? Keep them (your guests) longer than they’d like to. Like humans, it is a strain for pets to be active for long. So, without a break, your dog will begin gnawing on the table leg — or the neighbor’s leg.

So keep the party short — something like 45 – 90 minutes if it is an indoor party. On the other hand, if it’s outdoors, embrace more flexibility. Even then, make sure that everyone knows that he can go home whenever he/she feels like it.