poisonous house plants

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Where we may develop allergies against certain plants and grasses, we don’t typically eat them. Some plants can be poisonous to our dogs if eaten.

deadly plants

There are a list of plants that are toxic and non-toxic to our pets. The toxic plants can cause vomiting, weakness, nervous system depression, diarrhea. Some plants may cause allergic dermititis.

The following list is a few of the plants and flowers that can harm our four-legged friends:

toxic plants
1. Oleander

– Oleanders are very fragrant and bright with glossy leaves, and are a popular plant for inside and outside. However, these lovely flowers can be deadly poisonous if eaten and can cause symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, and possible death.

aspca toxic plants

2. Snake Plant

– Snake plants are very popular indoor house plants but be careful when bringing a new pup or dog home. These house plants have a numbing effect and can cause the tongue and throat to swell if eaten.

dog plant

3. Peace Lily

– The Peace Lily is also a popular houseplant because it requires little care and blooms indefinitely. However, don’t be fooled by its name. The Peace Lily can cause drooling, vomiting, and swelling of the mouth and airways if ingested and is highly toxic to humans as well.

flowers toxic to dogs

4.Weeping Fig

– The Weeping Fig is in the Ficus family and can be kept inside or outside. However, the sap if this tree is poisonous and can cause itchy, irritated skin in people, dogs, and other pets

common garden plants

5. ZZ Plants

– ZZ Plants are a favorite choice for indoor plants because they grow fast and are not terribly picky about light. As common as these house plants are, they are not safe to keep around dogs, other pets, and small children.

house plants poisonous to dogs

6. Daffodils

– Daffodils marking the coming of warmer days after winter but despite their bright and cherry looks, these flowers are poisonous if ingested. Your dog may suffer from stomach problems or possible heart issues after eating this flower.

If you are unsure about a houseplant or an outdoor plant you keep around the house, you can look it up at Poison Control. Best practices are to avoid keeping houseplants that are unsafe and always wear gardening gloves and wash your hands completely after handling any plant for safety.